Author Spotlight-D.B Nielsen

Jessica Wren Fiction

We all remember the classic novels we read in high school literature class. At the time we groaned, but as we got older, we have developed a deeper appreciation for them. Among other things, D.B. Nielsen in her novel Seed: Keeper of the Genesis I casts a new light on two of these novels, Jane Erye and Great Expectations.

Seed revolves around identical twins Saffron and Sage but focuses mainly on Sage. The studious, bookwormish Sage is the polar opposite of her outgoing, fashionista twin, but the two nonetheless share a close bond. One day, Sage decides to visit her father, a renowned archeologist, at the British Museum where he works on classifying and studying ancient Mesopotamian artifacts. After seeing the so-called “Seed” she begins to experience vivid and sometimes terrifying visions. During that same visit, she meets Dr. Elijah St. John Rivers, with whom she feels an instant connection…

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