Walk Your Talk. Use Those Boots. You Know What They’re Made For.


Step up. Walk your talk.

Hmm. Such simple words; such a simple concept. However, not so simple in execution, or so it might appear from the state of our society, where both preachers and miscreants abound. One has only to compare someone’s Facebook page to what their ‘real’ life looks like to see that some people just don’t get it. I’m sure my mother wasn’t the only one who said we were given only one mouth and two ears because we’re supposed to listen twice as much as we’re supposed to talk. I would like to humbly add to that in the same spirit, and say we are given one mouth and two feet for that very same reason.

Okay, so then what does this mean? Other than wielding a great sword of truth and decapitating all the monsters, of course…?

On the surface, of course, most would agree that ‘walking your talk’ means to actually do what you say you’re going to do; to behave in line with what you believe and what you might preach to others; for your inner life to line up with your outer life. Easy, right? Right. Ha. Perhaps there are a few nuances to sift through first.

First, and obviously, it’ll be different for different people, as we are all operating at various levels of responsibility, and all at different places in our lives, dealing with all sorts of demands chosen or foisted upon us. All of us are brought up with a set of programmed values that we may or may not keep with us for the duration of our stay here on Earth. If we’re very lucky, some of us see through these illusions early on, through introspection or other means. Sometimes it takes a major life crisis. For some — or a lot — it never happens, at least not in this lifetime.

Going a little deeper, walking your talk denotes responsibility to integrity, purpose and action. Or decisive inaction, in certain circumstances. When one is walking the talk, who a person truly ‘is’ goes right down — or should I say through — to the soul. I think most of us are born this way — true, genuine to our soul — but then break away from ourselves for various reasons and create masks to hide behind in order to cope with things that happen, or to manipulate others to get what we want. Changing back to our natural state of being — often takes great personal pain and incredible sacrifice. Maybe this is why there seems to be so few. Did I mention badass? No? Well, here it is, then. It takes guts and grit, along with insightful, dedicated soul searching, honest reflection of your own motives, then trusting the beat of your own drum and making a stand, determining how we want to go forward from now on. It often means that these ‘walking’ people can have a reduced tolerance for the ‘talking’ bullshit — not that they necessarily call the ‘talkers’ all of the time on their crap, or are harsh, but generally absent themselves from the ego-bloated garbage flying around. Unless pushed. Then watch out. That is NOT a beast you want unleashed.

So what does this look like?

Harmony. Balance. Peace. Flaws. Scars. When one is walking their talk, they live authentically. They are being who they really are, inside and out; they match. There’s little inner conflict, so little outer conflict. They live presently, in the moment. They are really there when you look into their eyes while having a conversation. This means that not only are they behaving well, but they are living their truth from the inside out. Interacting with one of these people means you can trust them at the deepest level. It means creating no drama. It means safety.

Sound boring? Maybe, to some. But on the flipside, you have someone with passion, verve, excitement and genuine enthusiasm, someone with real, not fake power, because they tapped into something much, much larger than themselves. These are the people who, because they unattached to bolstering their ego, are present and with you in the moment, and are the problem-solvers, the solution-makers. They are, at that very moment, a channel for all the solutions that ever were or will ever be, sifting subconsciously through every possibility that fits the criteria for the present moment and situation. No, that doesn’t always mean that the ‘talkers’ might like or agree with what they come up with, but sometimes that could be because the ‘talker’ might not want to do the work required in that solution. Because the ‘walkers’ open themselves to the moment, these people are the innovators, the idea people, the people who are in sync with their inner genius; pretty useful people to have in your corner, I’d say.

This does not mean that if you walk your talk that life will be easy. It’s not. But it does get simpler. No more constructing or maintaining a tremendous, ponderous facade, no more posturing and competing and one-upping others, no more blathering on about stories about yourself or others that aren’t true, no more trying to keep track of the hundreds of little or big lies, no more pouring your precious energy into things that do not really matter.

Yes, even when it’s hard. Yes, even when it’s excruciating. Yes, even when you try so hard and all you can do is bleed…. At least it’s real.

I adore the phrase, “Do no harm, but take no shit.” I love that. It’s simple; freeing. It means we do not have to put up with shit that’s of not of our making. Use those boots now. You know what they’re made for.

So — how about a whole lot less talking, and whole lot more walking. Translating to shutting one’s mouth, and just being and doing the right thing.

We can do it. I know we can.

Photo by Love Life Productions


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